Muddled, Mildly Morose Monday

12,267 Days Alive

6,310 Books To Read

$40 Spent on ONE Medication (was $400)

5 Breadsticks Eaten

1 Massive Headache and Doctor Appointment

I am so ready for today to be over.

I had to schedule and attend my follow up appointment today for my booted leg. They didn’t have the MRI or X-ray reports ready yet. And, because of white coat syndrome, a severe lack of caffeine and sleep, and my generally anxious and in pain state as of late, my blood pressure was high.

I was also running a few minutes late because my brain is apparently a scrambled mess. Whilst in control of this malfunctioning meatbag of mine, it seems barely more capable as a door stop than a functioning brain.

In any case, I don’t need to wear the boot anymore! Bone bruises are not helped by compression and immobilization.

We’re celebrating Imbolc early this year. Tomorrow in fact! Melting Pot! I am quite excited!

And, almost as awesome, we got one room mostly set up! This was after a lovely, if emotionally challenging one as I seemed stuck on sad, dinner at the OG: Olive Garden.

My medications are slightly more affordable? But it still boggles the old hat holder that is my brain that an asthma inhaler is $80 a pop.

Anyway! I’m for bed. Despite the kitty concerto going on.

Take your meds, folks. And please: tell me about your coping mechanisms! Except jogging. Can’t do that right now.

One thought on “Muddled, Mildly Morose Monday

  1. Coping mechanisms: kitty cuddling (when they allow it, of course), nice and hot cuppa tea, a fav musical (RENT LIVE! is SSSOOO NOT IT!!!), listening to music, watching silly videos on YouTube, and a good hot shower.


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