Whirlwind Weekend with Wonderful Weirdos

12,266 Days Alive

6,298 Books to Read

12 Glasses of Water Imbibed

3 Technical Difficulties

2 Annoyed Cats

1 Pocket Dimension Opened Into Boxtopia

1 Game Day to Discuss

1/2 Order of Nachos Eaten

This weekend. I would say that words could not properly describe how this weekend has been… but there gonna, so I shan’t.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Dice Game Day was awesome! We played a bunch of games that I’ve never played before.

And, between games, I had a lovely fluffy lady by the name of Jara attempt to help me work on the Butterfly Queen Shawl.

And my Darling Wife and I had been up since around six that morning. Five thirty for her as she wanted a shower before I was up. So we called it a night fairly early as we were expecting Tink and her Aunt Bert to show up in the rented truck around three am this morning.

So I was going to chill, maybe catch a little Netflix, and get up early. But then there was a nail in the tire when the went to pick it up.

And then the running lights stopped working when they crossed over into Alabama.

There was something else, but now I don’t remember it. Suffice it to say, shenanigans abounded with the gorram truck. So Tink moved in today.

She and Aunt Bert got in about five o’clock pm. With me still on highly restricted movement and lifting ability, I felt as useful as a llama on roller skates trying to get uphill.

And it was raining.

Raining and cold the whole day. Ugh. But we managed.

So. That was my weekend.

I feel like I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. It’s ridiculous and exhausting but I know it was worth it.

I’m glad Tink is here, though it makes the loss of Daddy all the more real for me. It brings up emotions I’m not sure I’m ready to deal with. But if it weighs on me too heavily, I’ll talk to Steph, or try again to find a therapist.

A friend lost their mother today. Another family of heart may lose their matriarch as well. I’m praying for peace for all of them.

Things will be all right.

Anyone have any good book or show suggestions? I’m trying to add a little diversity into my life.

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