Flash Fiction February 2019 Daily Update: February 6th

Are you taking part in #FlashFictionFebruary2019?

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Today’s Story Title: Interruption

Today’s Story Is #6 of 28

Today’s Genre: Urban Fantasy

Today’s Word Count: 648

What’s your current story? How many have you achieved? Tell me all about it!

“Are you the gypsy dude that reads people’s fortunes?”

Kyle looked up from the paperback he was reading and blinked at the man who just plopped down in the booth seat across his table.

He swallowed the bite of waffle he had been chewing.

“That is not how most people instigate a conversation with me,” Kyle said. He set his paperback down to the side, folding down the bottom-most corner of his current page before shutting it.

“What?” the stranger demanded. His phone pinged twice in rapid succession and he scowled at the phone screen before putting it face down on the table before him.

“Most people say some variant of ‘hello’, or ask if they can join a table before just plopping down and demanding information,” Kyle explained. “You know, like polite people do.”

“Yeah, well I don’t have time to be polite,” the other man shot back. “I need to know if you can help me.”

The server, Paulette by her nametag, stopped long enough to refill Kyle’s half-empty water glass. She looked at the stranger, frowned, and arched a brow at Kyle for explanation.

Kyle shook his head ‘no’ slightly and Paulette moved on without question.

“That wasn’t what you asked initially. You asked, using a racial slur I might add, if I was the man who reads fortunes,” Kyle picked up his knife and cut another small square of syrup-soaked waffle off. Watching the stranger’s face go through several different levels of frustrated in the few seconds it took to bite down and chew, he almost laughed.

“Okay, fine,” the stranger screwed on a smile, false as an old pair of porcelain teeth. “Hi!” he said brightly, barely moving his mouth and lips as he spoke through the mockery of a smile. “My name is Nicholas and I need you help. Someone told me that you-” He cut himself off as his phone pinged again.

“Hi, Nicholas. I’m Kyle,” Kyle quirked up his lips in a toothless smirk. “You might want to get that. She might be angry,” Kyle motioned to the cell phone with his slightly sticky fork.

Nicholas frowned when the phone pinged another three times back to back.

“How much for your help? I can pay you,” Nicholas went scrambling for his wallet and tossed a few dingy looking bills onto the table.

“Oh, that’s… cute,” Kyle set his utensils down and nudged his plate towards the center of the table.

“Cute?!” Nicholas was loud and getting louder. “Goddamnit, buddy, I’m-”

“Inside voice, please,” Kyle said. He propped one of his elbows up on the table and rested his chin in his hand.

“I’m asking for help!” Nicholas hissed, much quieter.

Another ping from Nicholas’ phone, and then another.

“I don’t help with consequences. You need someone that does damage control,” Kyle said, looking both at and past Nicholas.

“What the hell does that mean?” Nicholas demanded.

“No amount of fortune telling is going to tell you a future where you don’t pay the piper for screwing up like you did,” Kyle said. “No good fortune telling, at least,” he added after a moment.

“But I-” Nicholas began.

“Please,” Kyle held up his free hand. “I don’t want to hear it. You can take your drama of your own creation and leave.”

“Screw you, man,” Nicholas snatched up the bills on the tabletop in one fist and stood quickly enough to bash his knee into the underside of the table and make the salt and pepper shakers jump.

Kyle snatched up his glass of water so it wouldn’t spill and took a calm sip as the angry young man stormed off and out of the restaurant.

“Bye-bye!” Kyle lifted the water glass in salute as Nicholas stalked by on the other side of the window. “Stop banging sisters and you’ll get by a little better,” he muttered before taking another sip.

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