Worn Out Wednesday

12,276 Days Alive

6,464 Ebooks to Read

1 Bowl of Damned Delicious Soup Eaten

So. I made it through the day on about 90 minutes of sleep and six cups of coffee. I didn’t even stress vomit (though it was absolutely a near thing several times today). Physical therapy sucked physically but helped mentally.

I hate how much time I am missing from work to go to these appointments. But the whole “might have to have surgery to fix a torn tendon” thing is a good motivator to attend.

I managed to bang out just about 650 words tonight. I barely had it in me. No, actually, I had to force it.

I got laundry put away.

We got the trash taken out and mail picked up.

And yet these small tasks feel akin to a freakin’ marathon. I mean, what kind of bull is it when the walk from my car to my office has half my body throwing up a flag of rebellion and calling for revolution and ibuprofen?

The week is almost over. I will live. It will be fine.

Imma go pester my wife for snuggles.

Take your meds. And hydrate, damn it. Organic computers cannot run on pizza, sarcasm, and caffeine alone.

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