12,277 Days Alive

2 Birthdays This Weekend

1 More Day Till the Weekend

I’ve made it through another day. I’m in pain and exhausted. I’m going to try to get to bed early.

Work was good today. I love all the projects I have going on and will be breaking down everything to get all of them done in a timely manner.

I’m still healing and it is absolutely no fun at all. Like, positive is that I can bear weight on my injured foot again, but it still hurts. My endurance is shot to hell. Torn tendons suck. And my knees can still have my crying and vomiting from pain at the end of the day.

This weekend will be a bit busy, at least on Saturday. And tomorrow is not one, but three doctors’ appointments. I’ll be taking my mind mints to make sure I don’t have a panic attack.

Hopefully downtime will be a thing I remember to prioritize this weekend. And we will get to hang out with friends!

Well, I’m for bed after reading over tonight’s short story.

Pizza tomorrow! Yaaay!

Take your meds, folks.

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