Caring and Sharing

Days Alive: 12,218

Paws and Claws Done: both!

Breadsticks Eaten: 4

Chocolate Lasagna Eaten: 1/3rd

Today has been a day where I am reminded that I am loved.

I fly out tomorrow and my support system has not only caught me, but helped me stand back up and smile. Not only smile, but laugh and mean it.

Work bought lunch for us.

I brought flowers for Belle and J; the former because she has been having a rough go of it. The latter because the ones I saw made me think of them.

I’ve tucked a few notes around the room for my wife to find while I’m gone. 🙂

J is being a peach and looking after my pothos plant for me while I’m in Austin. So I brought them a hot cocoa and some blossoms.

And then, after work, Joy and I met up, with a very patient Steph, and got our nails done.

We went to dinner after an heartily amused our server.

The next few days will be very difficult. I know that.

But I know so many people, family and friends both, have my back. ❤️

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