Busy, Busy Friday

Days Alive: 12,222

Days Since the Funeral: 2

Bags of Books Disposed Of: 6

Streak on Duolingo: 23

Days Left in Trip: 1.5

I’m exhausted. I’ve been coloring in a mythological creature book to unwind through all this.

The morning started with an attempt at making French toast. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out because we were out of cinnamon. Thankfully, there was pancake mix and toasted ham. I made some garlic toast, too since eggs are on the nope list.

We hauled another half dozen reusable grocery bags of books to the resale today.

I’m in a lot of pain. Might have over done it today.

Garage sale is tomorrow. Here’s hoping I get some good rest.

Had to take a nap today, and I have a bunch of new bruises. Note to self: take iron pills when I get home.

I need sleep.

Gonna crochet until my sleep meds kick in.

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