Mania, Movies, & Munchies,

12,300 Days Alive

5 and a Half Hours Worked

2 Movies Watched

1 Bowl of Trail Mix Eaten

1/2 a Disappointing but Free Pumpernickel Bagel

I had work this morning and it kind of felt like the day was running atop a half melted records. Time seemed to lag and jump in spurts like someone had left a record to melt over a doily and then tried to play it, expecting Chopin and getting meaningless screams back.

It was stressful, but ultimately a situation I could resolve with help from my coworkers. So there is that.

And then I got to hang out with Amy! We’ve not seen another in a hot minute, so that was lovely. She treated me to lunch at the pub across the street from her house and I had the weirdest cottage pie ever. Pretty good though!

I still hate boiled carrots, for the record. Even served in a pub.

And then we went back to hers for a little movie night.

Four Weddings and a Funeral was first. Quirky and enjoyable, even if it was a bunch of weird interconnected romantic things. I loved the…normalcy of even the strangest of characters. The deaf character, the happy gay couple; these are all things I need more in literature and modern cinema!

And the it was The Matchmaker. Cute fluff and a little broken-hearted, but enjoyable! It was like a romance novel with a meet-cute but they could curse and get sunburnt?

It makes more sense if you watch it, I promise.

We have a kitchen table! I am so excited. It was a resale shop purchase and it is a BEAUT!

Well, I’ve not slept but a handful in the past week. So I’m going to take some Melatonin and try to pass out.

Be kind to one another and take your meds.

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