Almost an Aliterate Title.

12,206 Days Alive

6,681 Books To Read

2 Panic Attacks

1 Still Useless Car

Today was… to put it in a fancy form for my own amusement?

Friday was a frankly frightening frappe of functional flurrying by my fine friends fortunately fighting frantically for fucked-over folks phenomenally failed by a formerly-functional facility whose financial failure folded freakishly fast. With but a wisp of warning on Wednesday, scores of students were suckered out of financial aid fund and scattered, slipshod and shamefully, as their school shuttered sooner than some supposed was smart; is seventy-two hours sufficient? Hardly.

So my workday was wacky and worrisome. Busy and buzzing with barely-muted panic and endless phone calls by snappish students simply begging for help, information, anything.

It was exhausting.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

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