Supremely Screwed Up

12,205 Days Alive

6,671 Books to Read

47 Minutes Alone

6 Meatballs Eaten

2 Books Read

1 Helena Towed

Today has been… interesting.

Still can’t find the gorram locking lug nut key, so I couldn’t change my tire. A nice man, via AAA, named Wasseem towed it to the local tire joint. Hopefully they will have a solution in the morning.

There was a square topped screw in the inner wall of my rear driver side tire. As in, it was between the tire and my vehicle. And Wasseer said it was “very, very odd”. I’m only parking where cameras can see my car from now on.

In other news…

Work left me alone for nearly an hour because of lack of evening coverage. Which made me feel like I’m doing a decent job if they’re comfortable with that. Quick coworker run down, though:

Sara is back from her honeymoon and I kind of miss feeding Finjamin the Fantastic Fishie. Oh well. I’m glad to have Sara back.

I’m a bit worried about Belle, but she’ll be okay. She keeps sidestepping the doctor. She’s just shaken off a bout of pneumonia and is a septuagenarian. So my concern isn’t unfounded.

Lucky Miriam is out with family for the second half of this week. I wish her safe travels and much laughter. Her munchkin is running track, if memory serves.

On the home front, my insomnia has been constant enough that I’ve read two books today. 21 Dares and The Hush and the Shiver. Reviews should be up sometime soon.

My Darling Wife made an amazing dinner this evening. Spaghetti squash, red sauce, and meatballs! Leftovers for breakfast or lunch tomorrow, woo boo!

The housewarming party is next weekend! I’m hoping we get everything done and ready by then. That reminds me, I need to finish the mirror tomorrow.

It’s almost Friday. I have fun plans for the weekend. I can’t wait to relax and de-stress from this week.

G’night folks. Medicate appropriately.

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