Pissy and In Pain

12,207 Days Alive

4 Rounds of Pit Played

3 Different Pain Medications Taken

1 Adorable But Rude Rabbit

It was Game Day with Britt, Pookie, J, and Bill6. I wish I had been in better physical and mental shape to actually be of any value to the activities.

Last night, a disconcerting mix of night terrors and nightmares made sure I woke up even more exhausted than when I had gone to bed.

Already low on spoons, I had absolutely no fun handling the fact that Percy the Endometrial Polyp decided to kick up a ruckus in my uterus today.

This is me. Smiling as best I can.

I hate the pains that are like being stabbed. Pain to the point of nausea and my vision going a bit spotty… so much fun.

I took my pain meds. Hydrated because I wasn’t sure Food would stay down. Tried to go about my day.

By ten am I wanted a nap. Needed one. I went to game day anyway. Despite being tired, hungry, and in pain to the point of nausea. And doubting that my friends would want me there, I had great difficulty engaging even while I was there.

I’m so tired of everything hurting. Of everything being a damned uphill battle.

But whatever.

Got to hold a rabbit named Magic today! Steph did too, though he seemed to end his cuddle time by trying to decorate my Darling Wife in rabbit urine.

He was cute before that, though.

Quite the little cuddle bunny.

I’m exhausted. Finished another book today. Need to review them; hopefully I’ll get around to that and getting my car fixed tomorrow. And maybe some tacos. Or orange juice. I’d punt someone in the shin for either right now.

Take your meds, folks. And be patient with those who have limitations.

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