Somewhat Productive, Naptastic Sunday

12,208 Days Alive

6 Days Until the Housewarming

1 Tire Changed

In less than a week, we will be having our housewarming party! I am excited.

I’ve also managed to read three books this week. Review will be coming shortly. I’ve been sleepless a lot.

Eli and I are hanging out; she, the darling, brought me tacos after a shitty mental day where I legitimately took a 3 hour nap in self defense.

My car Helena is finally functional again! Many thanks to my Darling Wife for lending me the funds to get my gal going again. I’ll be parking under the cameras from now on.

I also got a lot done on my cross stitch today:

I’m hoping it at least slightly matches what I wanted to make.

It’s just shy of midnight, so I am for bed. Take your meds folks.

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