Writing Again

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Part of a writing Kik I’m a member of had a “writing challenge” to describe this photo as a character.

Let’s call her Ashlee. She looks like she was born after the Twin Towers fell and has no idea what the Oregon Trail games were like on a screen that doesn’t fit in your pocket. She snort-laughs when it’s real, and tries not to cover her smile now that her braces are finally off. She has a brother who gets on her nerves and thinks that clear backpacks are stupid as, well, a word that would get her grounded if her mother ever heard her use it.

She’s in chorus at the church and is a tech in the drama club. She collects high top shoes and continues the vinyl record collection her dad had before he died. The only time she gets loud is when her brother takes her charge cord or she’s alone in the car and it’s along to music. She looks like her Mama, but with her Daddy’s sense of humor. She’s clever, motivated, and secretly wants to learn Krav Maga to kick someone’s ass someday when they underestimate her.

I like writing. Maybe I should actually get off my ass and get more done.

Work was awesome today. I got to help out at an event and had a blast-until I got soaked to the bone. I even had to literally wring out my shirt in the car. Ugh.

My throat is a little sore, but broth and tea tomorrow would be amazing.

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