Splendid, Stormy Sunday

12,364 Days Alive

7,625 Books to Read

I kind of just… made it through the day by staying home (mostly) and crocheting.

I had to pop out to Publix for my medication, but other than that, I stayed home, yarn entangled myself, and watched television. Oh, and napped in self defense. I felt a headache coming on and absolutely cannot deal with a migraine because I have a work event in Manatee County tomorrow morning.

Here’s my day in images:

A lot has happened this weekend. Some of which I can’t talk about. Some of which I can’t wait to talk about when I get my head on straight.

But for now I have to be up at five am. Good night.

Take your meds. Cherish your loved ones. And get your fucking vaccinations before you kill someone with your stupidity.

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