Exhausting Existence

12,368 Days Alive

7,745 Books to Read

7.5 On the Pain Scale

2 Episodes of Death in Paradise Watched

1 More Square Made

I’m having a really, really bad fatigue flare up. Flair up, flare up? The latter. Anyway. Brain fog, exhaustion, really short emotional fuse, and the like right now.

I feel like a bag of broken glass been dropped down a concrete stairwell.


But, as ever, I just have to try and keep going. I may have to cancel my Saturday night plans just to stay in and get some damn sleep.

I’m over here eating caffeine pills for breakfast with B-12 pills so I feel less like passing out when I stand up. Nothing seems to help the pain right now, but I’ve been researching fibromyalgia more and more as time has allowed and it seems that my blood sugar levels might be making it worse. Either that or the insulin resistance I’ve had since my early teens could play a part.

I want nothing more than to take a few days off, but that isn’t going to happen. Work tomorrow, Saturday. Sunday is family and Anastasia with DW. And then work Monday, with an evening of writing at Reggie’s. Tuesday is work again and then I get a nice little midweek break and hopefully get to see J.

I need rest because I genuinely don’t know if I will be able to sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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