Review: The Gatekeeper’s Bride

By Eva Pohler

Available on: Amazon.

Read as part of the Monthly Keyword Reading Challenge.


Blurb: This is the story of how Hades and Persephone met, became lovers, and bore godlings into being. An odd little romp through Greek mythos.

Trigger Warnings:

Bastardization of Culture, Bastardization of Mythology, Blood, Bullying, Death, Food, Gore, Murder, Non-Consensual Sex, Off Screen Infidelity, Off Screen Sex, Plot Holes the Size of a Canadian Province, Sexual Assault, Toxic Masculinity, Violence, Violent Imagery, War

Body Count: Oodles, he’s the God of Death

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Review: Matchmaking For Beginners

By Maddie Dawson

Available on: Amazon, Audible, and Barnes and Noble.

Read as part of the Golden Trio Reading Challenge, “Hogwarts Library”.


Blurb: Blix knows she is ill, knows she is dying. She also knows that her great-nephew’s fiance Marnie is the one to fill her shoes while she goes on to the next adventure. Because it’s not just anyone who can see when people are a perfect match for one another. Marnie is special. She just doesn’t know special she is until she meets Blix.

Trigger Warnings:

Ableism, Bullying, Death, Emotional Abuse, Food, Infidelity, Introversion (Severe), Magic, Poor Coping Mechanisms, Toxic Masculinity

Body Count: 2

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#ABC2019-The Analog Book Challenge 2019

Do I not have enough reading challenges for 2019? (Seven is the current count, with this one.)

Do I have far too much time spent not sleeping in the wee hours? (I’ve been awake almost 24 hours now)

Do I chill in the bathtub and read by the light of the shower light when I can’t sleep? (I don’t want to wake my Darling Wife)

If you guessed “yes” to any of these, you’re right!

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