Today’s Totally Topsy-Turvy

12,421 Days Alive

8,104 Books to Read

1,956 Words of 50,000 Written

1st Day Of Camp NaNoWriMo

I’m still exhausted, so this will be brief.

I went into work today to find that my job isn’t necessarily my job, so I got to train for something else entirely. It is more than a little bit outside my realm of expertise. I’m nervous.

And I’m in pain. My shoulders are killing me. Sleeping on the super soft cruise ship bed was not something I enjoyed and it seems to have greatly aggravated my bad shoulder. At least it hasn’t popped out of socket again?

I’m glad to be home again. The cruise was great but it was also a wee bit stressful due to the choices of others and their predilection for drama mongering.

But I had fun regardless and I’m going to cherish the memories I have of the cruise… and remember to mail the postcards as soon as possible!

I’m for bed. I’m so tired I’m clenching my jaw.

Take your meds, folks.

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