Girl’s Day Out

12,433 Days Alive

8,112 Books to Read

5,559 Steps Today

1 Minor Anxiety Attack

Today was a day for the gals.

Cutcake, Tink, my Darling Wife, and I all got together for lunch at a sort of local ramen shop called Buya Ramen

We got chicken baos and pork baos for our starter. I had a chicken one and it was delicious!

We each got different kinds of ramen. I got my personal favorite, their lunch special of half a bowl of ramen and a small side of either bao or gyoza. I got chicken ramen and chicken gyoza.

I added a heavy amount of hot chili oil.

After lunch, we went a-walking and took in some of the local shops.

We walked half a mile to get to one of our other favorite places in St. Petersburg:

Six truffles each later, we walked around a bit more and stopped into the City’s Bistro for some drinks and somewhere to eat our treats.

And then we killed time at Starbucks…

…watching a chess match.

And then we hit up the Slayground for roller derby!

Liberty Bells lost pretty hardcore to the Patriot Dames. Good times were had by most.

Steph spent most of the match crocheting because she’s awesome like that.

We drove home after the match. I crawled through the shower and now I’m winding down and trying to decide if I want to actually eat something before I go to bed.

I’m going to go raid the fridge, maybe have a glass of milk.

Take your meds, folks.

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