Labor Day 2019

12,483 Days Alive

2,114 Words Written

2 Episodes of Carnival Row Watched

Today was a nice day off. I spent the day with Reffie, writing, chatting, and catching the first two episodes of Amazon’s Carnival Row. A pretty well-accomplished day off, if one that left me dragging a bit by the end of it. Though, they could more be a reflection of last night’s late night than anything else.

I’m aware my iron is low, but have to wait till next paycheck to do anything about it. This check is bills and my psych doctor visit, primarily.

Low energy or not, Reffie and I had a damn good time today. She made a lovely tuna casserole that hearkened back to my own childhood. Must be a Yankee dish as I have encountered some that think baking canned tuna is odd.

I got so much written today! Most of the end of chapter one, a goodly portion of chapter two, and I am looking forward to revising and expanding chapter three. It’s odd setting the story in Tampa, but I’ve been gone from Chicago so long, I don’t think I could do the city’s feel justice. And, honestly, Florida could use a little more spooky fiction. Dresden can pull off a trench coat because he’s in more Midwestern climates. Here, a man would melt from the heat and humidity if they tried that.

I’m trying to pull a Terry Pratchett and write at least 200 words a day. Today, I got ten times that written! Reffie’s house is a safe haven and a great spot to buckle down and write. Especially since she is also a writer.

I’ve got a few things weighing on my mind but they’re still in rock tumbler, rough cut stage and I’m not quite ready to talk about them here.

Anyway! It’s heading toward bed o’clock now and I want to get some reading done before bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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