Monday Morsels and Melancholy

12,540 Days Alive

1 Day Till My Darling Wife’s Birthday

So, a spot of bad news, a job I didn’t get, put a bit of a damper on my spirits tonight.

Logically, I know that I won’t get every job I want. And that there were likely candidates that were better fits for the position. I’m still disappointed. But that means I can focus more on my work where I’m currently employed and do a great job there. It doesn’t mean I stop looking.

Maybe I’ll find a job closer to home. Maybe at USF or something.

I know not to listen to the negative feedback my brain is kicking out. It’s difficult, but I’m trying.

In better news, My Darling Wife made an amazing dinner tonight! I wish I could afford to take Steph out to dinner for her birthday. Maybe next year I’ll be in a better place financially. And not have a car issue wipe out all of my funds just before her birthday.

Sorry. Ahem. Dinner! It was amazing. Steph outfit herself with an Asian slaw salad, fried cauliflower rice with bean sprouts, and pork lettuce wraps! It was, to use an outdated exclamation, the bomb diggity!

Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day. It’s Steph’s birthday and I hope it’s an amazing day for her.

For now, I’m going to try not to disturb the cat asleep on my lower back and go to bed myself.

Take your meds, folks.

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