Cake, Chinese Food, and Candles

12,539 Days Alive

32 Candles on Stephanie’s Birthday Cake

1 Lovely Evening

We had a small celebration for my Darling Wife’s impending hatch day with her Nan today.

I slept poorly last night, though. Odd dreams and up at half past six to feed the cats, even if I fell back asleep for a bit after. My energy seems so low these days.

I made it through today without a nap, accidental or otherwise, and we went to Nan’s around four to meet up for an early supper with her.

The three of us ended up at PF Chang’s and all tried something new for our entrees. Steph liked the little birthday gift I got her, some scratch off tickets she wanted. She won ten whole bucks off them. Heh.

I’m falling asleep as I’m writing this. I’m just so damn tired. And sore. My joints ache like there’s a rainstorm coming.

I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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