Yawn-Filled Sunday

12,581 Days Alive

1 Project Completed

I went to see friends in Clearwater today. One thing it cemented was how much I would have hated the dastardly commute from home to Clearwater.

I got so anxious on the bridge, I had to dry swallow one of my pills for panic attacks.

I’m okay, but man do I hate it. I hate uncontrolled anxiety attacks.

Linna was my lunch date today. We hit up Tijuana Flats for some nasal-cavity clearing hot sauce and lunch. She wasn’t feeling well beforehand, unfortunately, so it was a short visit.

Then I went to see Meg and her husband, drop off a few things for them.

While there, I got to meet a tiny kitten named Poe! He was adorable.

Mentally, I’m doing okay, I guess? I’m tired, but I’ve been tired since I woke up this morning.

I was pretty exhausted post-panic attack and might have dozed off while crocheting on Linna’s Yule gift. By might have, I mean I totally did.

I guess I should go to sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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