Worn Out Wednesday

12,584 Days Alive

I didn’t sleep well last night. Not a shocker since I kicked off my day with a psych doctor appointment. I never seem to sleep well before the appointments.

The doctor suggested therapy, again. Not that I don’t agree with her, but finding the time and not knowing if my insurance, when it kicks in three months from now, will cover it is super frustrating. I can’t just magically find a therapist that works. I’ve tried and I can’t justify missing work to go to a doctor appointment several times a month. So finding something with evening hours, which is near impossible, within my price range has been difficult. And by that I mean entirely without success.

On the positive side, I did get my meds refilled.

I’m feeling really run down, physically. Almost like I’m getting sick? But not quite. It’s been a busy few weeks, that’s for sure. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I got to paint pottery for a team building exercise today.

I made a tea pot. I would absolutely do this again. Though I’m hoping I would be better at it than I was today, but this is meant to be a gift for someone. The colors will be brighter after it is fired.

I’m doing okay. I may be suicidal, but I think I’m going to be okay.

I just need rest. And as I’ve already taken my meds, I’m going to head to bed.

Don’t forget to take your meds, folks.

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