Holidays and a Headache

12,590 Days Alive

I’ve had a headache I can’t seem to shake all day. Maybe because I didn’t take caffeine pills today? I’m trying to avoid them.

I’m trying to not be so dependent on the caffeine pills to get through my day but I literally almost fell asleep at my desk today after lunch I was so tired.

And since I’ve gotten home, all I’ve wanted to do is to crawl into bed and go to sleep. But then, I worry about waking up at 4 AM as I have the last couple of nights.

I took a shower tonight before the storm hit. I wish it was still raining, even if it makes my right shoulder ache. My hips seem content to complain, too.

I tried to get some reading done tonight, but Peanut is being excessively demanding for affection. Right now, he’s curled up at my feet, snoring ever so slightly.

I’m going to head to bed early.

Take your meds, folks.

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