Mildly Unwell on a Monday

12,589 Days Alive

9 Days Till Christmas

5 Days Till Yule

1 Unwell Me

Today is Monday. I haven’t been feeling well since late afternoon yesterday, which is why I copped out on updating the blog beyond the recipe yesterday.

I’m starting to think I need to get a blood panel done to see if my B-vitamin levels are low or something. This incessant exhaustion is getting on my nerves. No matter how much sleep I try to get, I can’t get more than a few hours before my body decides to throw a fit and either wake me up or have me so restless I fall out of bed.

That’s happened twice in the last week, by the way, and I feel like an octogenarian when I want to complain about my hip hurting.

Mentally, I guess I’m doing okay? I mean, I think I’m hitting a depressive low again, but I’m trying to just keep going and power through it. I really love this new job and I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize it. I shouldn’t have to pop caffeine pills every morning to make it through the day, but it’s that or seven cups of coffee and a stomach that hates it when I drink coffee.

Add to that conundrum that I vastly prefer tea and it’s just a complicated mess.

I don’t know what to do. The fibro-fog sucks. The bipolar issues suck.

At least I got my holiday shopping finished. I took J out this weekend to do her gift: a painting class at You Do the Dishes. I made a travel cup for Chele and J made a teapot and matching cup for their mom! Then, after my Darling Wife and Tink got done with their morning commitment, we met up for sushi at Koizi.

When I took J home, I stayed long enough to help them knock out a pair of holiday wreaths. I’m rather proud of our efforts, as I love working with florals.

In other news, I finally have a fun hair color again! My awesome new boss, Mr. Gee, like gee-whiz, said he didn’t care what color my hair was so long as I did my work. So back to blue (ish) it is! Okay, so I forgot to tone my hair, was in a hurry to get it weird, and it came out teal. But whatever! It’s better than muddy brown weirdness. It’s not like I have gorgeous multi-tonal locks like Steph. Mine is just mousey and flat. And I’m trying to grow it out, but Gods knows if that’ll work out.

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