Social Saturday

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I did a thing today!

Got up at work o’clock today, so I’m exhausted. Planned on having a wonderful breakfast with Chelé but Cracker Barrel apparently had other plans. The only thing that was good was the company. And the burnt bacon, which is how I like mine.

We chatted, as we are wont to do, and ended up at a craft store. Two hours and a whole lot of paint investigation later, we parted company. Next time I’ll head out to hers for some socializing.

I’m exhausted though.

After, I popped by the house before going to the Tea House to chill and meet up with my new friend Thomas from OKCupid.

He’s an odd duck, but good people thus far. I’m interested to see how this friendship plays out. I’m not usually friends with open chaos magic practitioners.

Dinner was fun. Nursey came over for dinner and was here when I got home from the tea house. We ended up cracking open a bottle of delicious sparkling raspberry wine, playing Uno and then Cards Against Humanity. Good times.

I’m going to see Linna tomorrow! We’re going to watch The Shining together. I’ve never seen it, nor read the book, but I know it’s a classic.

For now, my battery is dying and so is my metaphoric battery.

Take your meds, folks.

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