Game Day Saturday

12,629 Days Alive

1 Gingerbread Cookie Eaten

When we play Savage Worlds’ Deadlands, I play a weird scientist of indeterminate gender named Lennox Finley.

Today started off with running errands.

Meds picked up game day supplies, and a hair cut.

Then it was back to the house to chill and straighten up a bit before everyone

Belated breakfast was a gingerbread cookie from Moreno’s Bakery, as well as a Boston Cream cupcake.

Lennox got played today, which was fun. Ruby, Bill6, J, Stephanie, and I played an awesome Deadlands one shot that J wrote. Lennox got to use his Finley’s Howling Cremation Lacerator. It’s a flamethrower that sends out two D-10s of damage in a medium cone template. It’s awesome against things like, oh, a vampire draining a boomtown dry. Well, two vampires, but we only learned of one of them in game.

I ended up frogging the project I was working on and starting over. It’s going to be a throw for Chelé.

Mentally, I’m kinda fried? Like, out of sync with how I’m feeling. I’m tired. And I feel like I’m emotionally trying to rumba to a polka beat.

Anyway, it’s almost midnight and I haven’t taken my meds. I’m gonna go do that.

Good night folks. Take your meds.

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