Games, Nachos, and Kitty Cuddles

12,665 Days Alive

2 Books Being Read

1 Plate of Nachos Eaten

Edit: blogging works better when I actually remember to post the post. Whoops.

I got up, as usual, today at 6:20 to feed the cats. I don’t know why I chose 6:20 a.m. as their feeding time as they get fed at 6:30 p.m. (almost) every night. Too late to change it now. Gods knows they’d wake me up that ten minutes early if I tried to change it. As it is, I am occasionally a cat landing pad and screamed at an hour early if only for fun.

After that, I crawled back into bed. I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams as of late as to where I am stuck driving from the passenger seat. Nightmares where I’m drowning in my car because I can’t navigate. I am trying to take a more active roll in my life, because that’s what I think these dreams mean: I’m being too passive in certain aspects and its making things go out of control.

I mean, I am also terrified of car crashes, drowning, and the combination of the two, so that doesn’t help.

After my morning lie-in, Stephanie and I went to game day at Junior and Michelle’s. We ended up playing a board game that I think is called Betrayal at Baulder’s Gate. It’s like Betrayal at the House on the Hill, but set in the D&D, or Dungeons and Dragons, universe.

After that, my energy was so low, I fell asleep whilst working on DW’s blanket. Again. I swear, it’s being made for prosperity, not for napping ability. Heh.

I Tweeted about wanting nachos and a cuddle and Reffie invited me out for dinner, so out I went! No, I didn’t take a picture of the nachos, but I damn well ate them all.

Then we went back to her house to watch an episode of a new-to-me show, Peaky Blinders. It’s an interesting show and I am certainly going to watch more of it. When I’m not exhausted and have work early in the morning.

I’m feeling…well, overwhelmed right now. I really need to find a therapist. There’s a new behavioral health place that opened up in my office building that I should check out. I dunno if they do just therapy or if they do medication management, but I really need to find a provider that does both. It would be cool to be able to see someone so close to work.

For now, I’m going to hop in the shower and then flop into bed, after I appease the Duolingo Owl, that is. I’m back to learning Spanish, having put Esperanto on the back burner for now. It’s more practical, if not half as much fun.

Take your meds, folks.

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