Self-Love Journal Prompt: Day 17

I didn’t want to do this one at all, so it probably means I really should.

Quick recap: May of 2020 is all about self-love. I’m trying to be kinder and embrace a more self-focused positive attitude. It’s pretty hard when you’re battling Bipolar 1’s super depressive swings. Each day, I’ll be working from one of the prompts from Tia Harding’s 32 Self-Love Journal Prompts or from The Petite Planner’s 30 Days of Self-Love.

Here’s today’s prompt: “What brings you peace? How can you add more to your life?

I suppose I have to start with my definition of bringing myself peace and work from there.

Peace is…a cup of tea in the morning, warm and sweet. It’s Spock’s purr as he lays on my hip. It’s sitting in the loveseat when it’s pouring down rain and thundering something fierce and I have yarn in my lap and a cat perched somewhere nearby.

It’s not a place, because I can often find peace driving home in my car with the windows down and the radio off, just listening to the relative silence. I’m not sure how I can add more peace to my life.

Meditating again would probably be a good place to start. I haven’t bothered to do yoga or meditate since 2020 began. I’ll work on that, as it was something I greatly enjoyed doing.

I think that’s how I’ll bring more peace, both active and passive meditation and yoga. Even coloring can be meditative if you’re in the right headspace.

That’s all for now! Have a good day.

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