Stormy Saturday

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So I spent the day with a dear friend today. We social distanced but spent time together and wrote while our laundry was getting done.

It was actually a very productive day, despite the couch-based nap I ended up taking. I didn’t mean to, but I literally fell asleep at my laptop at one point, so my friend kicked me, metaphorically, to the couch for a few winks.

I finally saw the movie Sliding Doors! It’s given me a little inspiration on the meet cute short story I’m working on. Everyone needs to occasionally write some self-indulgent, queer vampire rom-com, right?

It was stormy this afternoon. Maybe a combo of barometric pressure, poor snack choices, and my anemia just demanded a nap. Oh well. My friend didn’t mind and didn’t knock me for snoring or anything.

It’s late, though. And I’m tired. I’m going to head to bed after I appease the Duolingo owl.

Take your meds, folks.

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