Of Closets and Clothing

12,895 Days Alive

2 Bags of Clothes for Donation

1 Load of Laundry Left to Do

I did it! With help, but I finally got Mount Clean Clothes put away!!

J came over today to spend the day with me to help me tackle going through my closet. It was about five to six hours of going through both my spring/summer and my winter/fall wardrobe. I’ve got all my autumnal and winter clothes out now. And all the lighter stuff packed away.

It was so much work. And I filled two trash bags full of clothes for donation. I kept some things. Daddy’s sweater, one of his shirts. Sentimental stuff. And I hung up everything that needed to be hung.

We played with our respective favorite tarot decks for readings for one another. J used her Wild Unknown deck and I used my Osho Zen deck I’ve had since 2006. Old, reliable, blunt as a brick to the face deck that she is!

Afterward, we tried to go to Curve, a plus sized boutique but it closed at five and we got there at quarter after five. But that was okay; we hit up Community Thrift Store and a Salvation Army. I found a super cute dress, an awesome red top, and a new pair of high water cut jeans in a light wash.

When we came back home it was good o’clock so I threw a frozen pizza in the oven while I tackled more of the border in Sparrow’s Seaside Blanket. I’m still not done with it, but I’m hoping to have it done by Samhain.

Ooo, am I excited for Samhain this year. J, Meg, Melodie, and I are going to mask up and hit a restaurant in Ybor City to celebrate J’s birthday. I’m dressing up as a Red Witch, because why not?!

Speaking of things I’m looking forward to: MJ is back in town tomorrow. At five thirty in the morning. So, while I’m looking forward to seeing him, I need to go to bed to get some rest because I have to be up in six hours.

So. As ever: take your meds, folks.

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