Of Ramen and Rhythm

12,896 Days Alive

17 Chapters Outlined Total

1 New Project in the Works

Today was lovely. I got up early to let MJ crash over while J and I caught upon more sleep. Once we were all properly awake, we headed for the ultimate not-enough-sleep venue: Denny’s.

I finally got my pancake fix that I’ve been craving for a few days. And bacon! It was crazy busy, but J, MJ, and I had fun.

J headed home after that, back to the metaphoric moon that she lives on. MJ and I had a little cat nap, coz the poor guy’s been on the road for two days straight.

We hit the craft stores trying to find the perfect yarn for his blanket. Took two stops, but we found what will work. A bright blue, a grassy green, and black. I think it will look fabulous when it’s done. Now I need to find a pattern. =_=

I’m doing okay, mentally. Felt cute today, trying to maintain that energy even though I’m feeling a little odd.

In good news, I got the next chapter outlined in Moral Fable and fixed a few problems in earlier chapters that I had overlooked.

Anyway, I got to meditate after dinner tonight. Took MJ to Otsuka Ramen Housr. It was delish. But I’m tired so I’m gonna go for now.

Take your meds, folks.

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