Of Elves and Eagle Eyes

12,951 Days Alive

27 Rows Done on the Scrapghan

3 Plot Lines Figured Out

1 New Character Created

0 Words Written Today

So, I’m up visiting J and Bill6 for the weekend. We started a small Dungeons and Dragons game this afternoon. I’m playing a half-elf, city born,thief/rogue that would rather be sailing than anything. Her name is Eldoris Denton. Her ma is human, her paternity an unspecified elf. It was a hoot.

One of my favorite elvish traits is the ability to see in the dark. I was able to see trouble coming-literally! Our party is small. It’s me, a dwarf fighter, and a Dragonborn wizard. It was a pretty fun game.

While we were forming characters, running an errand for J’s mom, and playing, I was also crocheting-with the DM’s permission of course! I got twenty seven rows into the Scrapghan I’m making for myself. Twenty seven! I’m impressed with myself.

It forty two inches wide and currently only thirteen inches long, but that’s a lot to accomplish in a single day. Writing fell by the wayside today, but I’ll pick it up tomorrow when I get home or on the ride back into my side of town.

I’m doing okay, mentally. A little frazzled, a little sore from my uterus being in its cyclical rebellion. But otherwise okay. The mental radio isn’t too loud.

It’s nice to safely socialize with J and Bill6. We’ve had fun today. And while I haven’t gotten any writing done, I still feel like it’s been a good, productive day.

Speaking of productive, oh man. This work week is going to be interesting as my team lead is on vacation all week and I get to step up and take the lead on our team. It also means I’m not calling this week, which is going to be interesting. Not in a bad way, but genuinely interesting to see how I handle a week of work as a team lead.

It’s late, so I should likely bunk down for the night.

Take your meds, folks.

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