Of Carpentry Skills and Crocheting

12,952 Days Alive

50 Sticks of Incense

15 Inches Done So Far on the Scrapghan

8 Crochet Projects in the Works

3 Dresser Drawers Built for Fen

0 Words Written Today

Boy was today a wonky but enjoyable day. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Just couldn’t shut down until after four a.m. I’m hoping I can bunk down here in the next few. I’m tired.

But a good tired.

I spent the morning with J and Bill6. We had breakfast at their place, then started the say properly with some coffee and conversation while driving to go see Sweasel the ferret. She SO cute.

Image is of a tawny brown ferret being held by someone in a black and white striped top.

Since it’s a bit of a drive from where Bill6 and J live, I got some crocheting done on the drive down.

Image is of a crocheted blanket in progress in tones of purple, blue, and sliver. A purple handled crochet hook is also visible.

When I got home, I worked on the Scrapghan more. I didn’t have the brain cells available to write, honestly. Hopefully tomorrow I will get back on track.

I’m trying to finish Little Bee’s baby blanket by Yule to mail them out after the secular new year. It’s a pattern of my own making and I quite like it so fa. I’m also working on a Cosy Stripe Blanket in cloudy colors for my dear friend Chelé.

Mentally, I’m good. I’m looking forward to this week at work. It will be interesting to see how I do. I hope I do well. I’m a little anxious, but not too bad.

I’m going to go crochet or meditate. Maybe both. Definitely take a mind mint though. I need to sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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