Of Driving and Dinosaurs

12,958 Days Alive

70 Miles Driven

7 Dice in Dinosaur Island

2 Bowls of Soup For Dinner

1 Zoom Meeting of Crafty Women

Spock woke me up at five-fricking-thirty this morning. And none too nicely either. But I got up long enough to medicate myself and feed him; then he let me go back to bed undisturbed.

So I slept again until a little after ten, at which point I hopped out of bed, got dressed, and jumped onto my laptop to join the monthly stitch-n-bitch that is the awesome Crafty Women meeting. Oddly enough it was the last one of 2020 and the first one I attended. I’ll have to make it a personal goal to attend at least three digital Crafty Women meetings next year.

Next year! I mean, I’ve already hit the witchy new year back in October, but the secular New Year with capital letters and everything is only twelve sleeps away! Twelve days till 2021. It’s been a crazy year, but I won’t get into that tonight.

Did you know that it is about sixty nine and a half miles from my front door to J and Bill6’s front door? So rounding up, it’s seventy miles. And that’s what I drove today to go up to see them in order to give them a ride to the airport tomorrow.

Bill6 made home made zuppa tuscana for dinner tonight. However you spell it, it was delicious!

Image is of a bowl of soup with kale, sausage, potatoes, and bacon.

We played a medium-length game of Dinosaur Island this evening. Bill6 won! I came in a close second, and J in third. It was a blast!

Image is of a complex board game with multiple tiny, slightly vexing tiny pieces.

But for now, I’m off to bed, on the couch, to bunk down before the trip in the morning.

Take your meds, folks.

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