Of Travel and Tacos

12,959 Days Alive

480 Streak on Duolingo

11 Days Left in 2020

6 Prompts for a Short Story

4 Marshmallows Eaten

1 Scrapghan Frogged and Restarted

So, after a scan six hours or less of sleep, I took J and Bill6 to the airport this morning. I managed to avoid napping the whole day somehow and got three loads of laundry done.

I treated myself to a trio of tacos for an early supper today. Because breakfast was a Slim Jim and a Coke Zero. Not exactly the breakfast of champions. But at least I ate something.

I spent the day yelling at myself to put away laundry and didn’t manage to actually get any put up. Stupid executive disfunction. I want to put them away. I need to. But there’s just something there that I just can’t.

I restarted my Scrapghan today. I just did not like the way it was working up. So I’m slowly frogging it and working up to using all the yarn from the second? Third, maybe? Redux of it. It’s looking pretty.

Image is of a large black cat curled up at the feet of someone who is crocheting a blanket in multiple colors. Silver purple and a charcoal grey stripes of crocheted fabric can be seen.

Spock, of course, was glad I was home and spent most of the day either curled up on me or giving my head a bath. He’s such a sweet boy, when he wants to be.

I’ll probably be posting a year in review in the next few days. Tomorrow is Yule, though! And I’m happy for it. The longest night will dawn bright and cold I hope.

The short story idea is still percolating. Either cosy mystery or action. Not sure yet which. But holiday, fruitcake, tinsel, ribbon, vodka or rum, and a fucking parrot are all to be included.

Speaking of holidays, I watched that Hulu movie Happiest Season. It was definitely not a happy movie. It ended predictably enough, but the one main character was a total bitch to the other main character for most of the movie. But no one died! Hooray! Queer characters lived!

Speaking of living, I have work tomorrow. So I should go to bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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