Of Cocoa and Cold Weather

12,964 Days Alive

46 Degrees Outside Today

6 Episodes of The Mandalorian

5 New Skeins of Yarn

1 New Project

It’s nice and chilly out today, from last night through today. It was amazing weather.

Spock woke me up stupidly early this morning. Like just after five a.m. stupid early. I tried to go back to bed, but no dice. So I did some yoga, and had some pumpkin pie for breakfast. Heh.

Image is of a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on it on a plate. There is a fork behind the pie and a car barely visible in the background.

I spent the rest of the morning crocheting after I got my contacts in. I don’t often wear my contacts so it was an interesting day.

After that, my friend Sparrow came over and we went to lunch at Portillo’s. I got a Chicago style hot dog and split an order of onion rings and a chocolate cake shake. It was really good.

Then, because Sparrow had a need for some quilting supplies, we hit up the local JoAnne’s for some fabric. I also picked up some yarn for a couch blanket for Grandma Gator with the gift card I received.

I did a tarot reading for Sparrow when we got back to my place and washed up. Spock kept trying to “help” by stepping on cards while I was doing the reading.

Sparrow gifted me an amazing mug and a hand made mug carrier covered in owls! It’s so cool! I gave them their gift and we parted company for the day.

I then went over to see darling Reffie for some assumed tea. But no, friends, it was even better! She had cocoa for me! It was delicious and after some conversation and consumption of cocoa, we put on The Mandalorian so I could watch past the first episode of the show. I quite enjoy it so far. The cold opening is good a d I’m looking forward to how the story progresses from where I stopped for the night at the end of episode seven.

I’m tired. And I’ve been awake too long. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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