Of Wings and Worries

12,965 Days Alive

12 Rows Done on Grandma Gator’s Blanket

10 Boneless Wings Eaten

2 Loads of Laundry to be Put Away

I slept way too late today, but I at least got some decent rest. I still have laundry to put away, but I’ll get to it. Probably tomorrow because I’m low on spoons today.

I’m super in pain for some reason. My right side is aching. My hip and lower back especially. I also have a bitchin’ headache. That’s why I spent so long in bed.

Beyond that, this weekend was difficult but fun. I enjoyed Christmas Day thanks to Reffie. And Boxing Day I got to see my friend Sparrow and Reffie as well. I still feel sad, missing my dad a lot.

My housemate Fen bought us dinner from Buffalo Wild Wings tonight. I got the hottest Buffalo sauce that I could to have with bleu cheese. It was really good.

I’m watching the odd movie, The Room, and it is a train wreck. The acting is terrible. It’s a horrible movie, and the best actor is the woman that plays Lisa’s mother. I just don’t understand the point of the movie. I also despise the Lisa character. And no one warned me that the film ends in a graphic suicide. Lovely. That was sarcasm, I promise.

Anyway, what part of my day wasn’t spent enjoying leftover deep dish, ham and pineapple pizza that Reffie gave me, was spent crocheting. I’m working on a blanket for Grandma Gator. I’ve made one for her already, but she asked for another one. So I found some soft yarn in yellow and pink with a nice soft brownish-white as an accent color. I hope she likes it.

I meant to get some writing done today, but I just didn’t have words in me. I know what I want to write, but I don’t have a concrete outline or anything yet. Maybe I’ll try the Snowflake Method of writing for this new year project.

Well, I’m going to have an interesting day at work tomorrow, I’m sure, so I’m going to head to bed. Maybe I’ll read a bit or meditate to clear my mind from The Room weirdness.

Take your meds, folks.

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