Of Mondays and Malaise

12,966 Days Alive

3 Days Left in 2020

2 Helpings of Chips and Queso

1 Unshakeable Headache

I think it’s the flip-flopping weather, but I’ve got another headache I can’t seem to shake.

I really don’t have much to say today. It was mad busy at work today. I scanned in 1,400 pages and sat in my car and cried for a few minutes after work. I’m just not feeling like I’m doing well enough. I’m not hitting the metrics they want me to. But that’s worries for another day.

Money is really tight right now. Like, debating selling yarn back to the craft store tight. I get paid on the eighth. As in next year, literally. I got paid four days ago but bills wait for nothing and cell phone, rent, medical debt, internet, and my meds can’t wait. I think, after all is paid, I have about seven fifty left to my name. Which will go towards gas for Peggy so I can get two and from work.

I’m anxious to the point of nausea again. Twitchy. Flinching at every sudden loud noise. It’s exhausting.

We snacked for dinner tonight. Chips and queso mixed with salsa primarily. I had some vanilla mochi ice cream for dessert.

I’m going to bed in self defense.

Take your meds, folks.

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