Of Chalice and Chocolate

12,967 Days Alive

2 Episodes of Iron Chef America

1 Amazing Belated Yule Gift from DW

I feel like I started the day chugging along like a locomotive and ended the day feeling as if I had been run over by said locomotive. Ugh.

I have to take a shower but gods do I not have the spoons for it. I should be energized, what with it being a full moon.

I made myself a cup of hot cocoa today, to enjoy while I was crocheting. Still working on a mass of projects. Maybe 2021 will be about finishing things.

And I got an awesome gift from DW! He bought me a food safe, silver plated chalice. He really is just the best.

Image is of a massive silver chalice with golden brass inner cup on a black desk with a laptop, Scott Cunningham‘a Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, and the Wild Unknown Tarot

I really don’t have energy. I’m going to go sit in the bathtub and maybe cry for a bit. I’m just frustrated and it’s about financial stuff and medication. Nothing I can really do anything about right now because my psych doctor is out of town until the fourth.

I’m just vexed and in pain.

Take your meds, folks.

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