Of Taco Bus and Tres Leches Cake

12,971 Days Alive

6 Days Till Payday

5 Restaurants Visited

1 Finally Obtained Tres Leches Cake

I hung out again with Ian today. We met up with our mutual friend, Megan, and went to brunch.

The place we went had a no masks, no service policy which was nice. I got some scrambled eggs, which my poor gastrointestinal system hates me for right now, bacon, French toast, and potatoes. It was a lot of food and Megan was sweet enough to buy brunch for the three of us.

Then, we went back to Ian’s hotel room to hang out for a bit. Ian wanted to go day-drinking down by the beach. So around noon we ended up in Gulfport.

Image is of a slightly shabby, blue box with a glass door. It reads “little free library” and “Bonifacio’s Bait”.

We ended up a a bar I cannot recall the name of. Cappy’s, maybe? I’d have to ask Megan. Anyway, I tried my first Bloody Mary, albeit a virgin one, and sampled the two “bucket” drinks Ian got. I really liked my piña colada, though. It was better than a Shirley Temple!

I did readings for both Megan and Ian while we were at the bar.

Image is of a piña colada in a small glass with a deck of tarot cards sitting beside it.

After that, we walked on the beach for a while and found a swing bench to sit on. I crocheted whilst we talked.

This was my crocheting progress for the day:

Image is of a yellow, gold, salmon orange, and brick red variegated yarn worked up in fourteen double crochet rows.

Once we were done at the beach, we went to Vampire Penguin, a s shaved snow treat joint that Ian really loves. I got the dulce de leches snow cup that was really good.

Image is of a mound of frozen confection, white with speckles of vanilla bean through it, topped with whipped cream, banana slices, and a dollop of flan on a caramel swirled plate.

The adventure continued even though Megan had to depart for the afternoon. Ian and I drove out to John’s Pass on Treasure Island. I’d never been before and found it a delight of a tourist trap. There were a lot of people, but everyone, even kids, were wearing masks. It was an outdoor space as well and the sea breeze had kicked up a bit. I saw this boat that looked like a giant shark’s head, advertising for baby gator handling, and signs for dolphin viewing cruises. I’d absolutely go out on one of those boats sometime.

Image is of a boat whose overhead cover is stylized into the open mouth and body of a bright blue and white shark.

Taco Bus was out of tres leches cake yesterday, so we tried the Taco Bus out on Treasure Island for dinner, but to no avail. They were out, too. I got the spicy chicken chimichanga again but it was nowhere near as as spicy as yesterday’s spicy chicken. I now know I have a preference for the original Taco Bus location.

Image is of a chimichanga doused in queso blanco, pick de Gallo, and a green hot sauce.

Once we were done eating, Ian and I went in search of desert. We stopped at this Columbian restaurant, but it wasn’t what we wanted and what we ordered tasted a little… soapy to me.

Either way we ended up at the Publix grocery near my house. Ian picked a spumoni from the bakery case and I grabbed a small tres leeches cake slice. It was nowhere near the “real” thing, but it was okay.

All in all, it was a nice day with friends, but I am exhausted and I’ve been up thirty hours now. So it’s off to bed for this human.

Take your meds, folks.

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