Of Birthdays and Babysitting

13,006 Days Alive

2 Pieces of Birthday Cookie

1 Chicken Enchilada

So today was Mal’s birthday celebration. It was pretty fun! We had these awesome ham and cheese sliders that Bubbles made and played Game of Disney which is like Cards Against Humanity, but completely Disney centered. It is nowhere near PG though.

Today was an adventure after the birthday celebration. Mal “blew out” the candles by waving his hands at them. It was pretty cute.

Speaking of cute, my niblings, Baby Bubbles and Little Bee, got to spend some quality time with their Tia Theo this evening.

Mal and Bubbles went out on a date night and I watched the girls for the evening. It was fairly tame; Little Bee napped just long enough that I was able to get Baby Bubbles her dinner and get some food into me as well. And then it was a fun time getting to juggle two under two for a few hours. Baby Bubbles is potty training and let me tell you, getting a wiggle worm of a kid in and out of underwear one handed is an undertaking all it’s own.

Image is of a 24 month old girl child, Baby Bubbles,with dark eyes and brown hair looking at the camera while resting her head on my ample bosom.

I managed to get them down without much trouble and spent some time watching the first two episodes of Bob’s Burgers with Mal once he and Bubbles got back from their date.

Well, it’s nearly midnight and I should get some sleep.

Take your meds, folks.

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