Of Roadtrips and Recipes

13.007 Days Alive

2 New Recipes to Tweak

1 Happy Spockers

Spock and Fen both seemed glad to see me back home. The visit with Mal and the girls was nice. I am glad to be home, though. Not crocheting for a full weekend was weird.

That drive to Longwood is exhausting! And takes 2.5 hours on a Friday afternoon. It took me about two hours. counting a stop for fuel, to get home from their house.

I have been ready to go to bed since I got home, but I couldn’t. It was just too early.

Fen had Kimmy over so we watched some movies, Spirited Away and The Pagemaster this evening. I managed to stay away and to get all of the base joined rings done for Meg’s Jeweled Knot Blanket.

I went out in the backyard/garden with Mal and Baby Bubbles this morning. We planted a whole bunch of stuff. First, sunflowers around the perimeter of the side fence; then some peas in a bed he had prepared. Mal used some of the seeds he got for his birthday from both his foster mom Tracy and from me to plant arugula, butter crisp lettuce, and kale. We also planted the calandiva that I purchased for Bubbles so she could get a small gift, too.

Bubbles shared her enchilada recipe and her recipe for slow cooker Korean beef tips with me. They’re both really good and I’ll be tweaking them and likely posting them at some point.

It’s the Super Bowl in my city and we live near the stadium so everything is super loud tonight. There’s people yelling, flyovers, and fireworks. I guess the Tampa Bucs won by a landslide and are the first to do so in their home stadium. Interesting.

Anyway, I’ve got Spock snuggled on my legs and a bit of a headache. I’m going to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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