Of Emotions and Early Mornings

13,008 Days Alive

2 Therapy Homework Assignments

I had therapy with Mx S. today. It went well enough; I told them about the massive panic attack on Thursday and we discussed it at great length.

Basically, what we sussed out happened was that I started truly grieving the loss of our relationship and it completely blindsided me and knocked me through a loop. Until Thursday, I truly hoped that we could eventually work towards repairing our friendship. And the reality is that our marriage was over far before Stephanie asked me for a divorce, at least for her. And that’s fine, honestly. I only want happiness for her and for me. I wish her no ill will. But that doesn’t mean I understand what went wrong.

So I’m supposed to write an unsent letter to my ex-wife as an exercise in processing my emotions. I’m also supposed to write up a Genogram for Mx S. to better illustrate my social and emotional network.

I worked more on Meg’s Jeweled Knot Blanket tonight while Fen and I watched The Aristocats on Disney +. I wasn’t up for anything too heavy as I’m still a little human-hung over from my weekend with Mal, Bubbles, and the girls. I’m not used to that much human interaction for such a prolonged stretch what with Covid concerns being a thing.

Speaking of! I need to get to bed now because I have to be up early tomorrow to make up time for Wednesday because I will be getting the vaccine! I don’t know how much it will cost, but I hope not too much.

Spock’s got an upset stomach, the poor dear. I’m going to go love on him for a few and then go to bed.

Take your meds, folks.

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