Of Grapes and Gratitude

13,019 Days Alive

I made it through the day without puking from stress or pain! I’m genuinely grateful for that, as the rest of this week the same could not be said.

I had some sour green grapes after dinner tonight. They’re pretty much my favorite after dinner snack. It spiked my sugar a bit, but not as bad as it could have if I’d had some of the peeps I have in the fridge.

I’m still utterly exhausted though. Spock woke me up stupidly early wanting food. Which, I’m glad he’s feeling better but I don’t want to be awake at half past five in the morning on a work day. Don’t really want to on a weekend either but a weekend at least I can go back to bed.

I got the first strip of seven ringed in black for the Jeweled Knot Blanket for Meg.

Image is of seven crocheted square motifs ringed in black with interlocking rings of purple, magenta, and pink in the center surrounded by a mint greenish color.

Next is either the blue round or the next strip of seven started. I need to ask Meg what her preference is for the squares.

Anyway, I already appeased the Duolingo owl on lunch today so I can just go snuggle with my oversized stuffed Peep that Fen got me.

Take your meds, folks.

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