Of Nausea and Nachos

13,018 Days Alive

3 Days of Migraine

1 Nauseous Me

I left work early today. I didn’t throw up in the trash can at work again, but it was a near thing. I did end up pain-puking when I got home and knocked out after a second dose of imatrex for almost three hours today.

Knowing that this is likely a hormone triggered migraine doesn’t make it any easier to deal with. I’m wrung out as hell and am so glad tomorrow is Friday. I’m going to bed mad early, as in now, to make sure I get good rest. I’ve maxed out on pain meds and it still feels like my eyeballs want to escape my skull with great fervor.

Physically I’m borked and mentally I’m not much better. I’m having a pretty bad brain week and I just want it to stop, without being able to qualify what “it” is. Tomorrow will be better.

I’ve already crawled into bed and I’m ready to pass out. So I’m off to appease the Duolingo owl before unconsciousness.

Take your meds, folks.

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