Of Milestone and Missions

14,000 Days Alive

619 Day Streak on Duolingo

Oh man. I finally got my email inbox relatively up to date. I still have two months of memos to catch up on, but I’ll get there.

I can’t believe it only my sixth day on the job. I still have so many questions. I was supposed to have training today but it didn’t work out. Perhaps tomorrow Ms. Dee, the trainer, will be available.

I was really anxious today after work. And I completely forgot to take my Adderall. I forgot Friday, too. I’m almost out anyway. So maybe I’ll save it for when I really need it.

Also, in random tangent land, I really want to get into Esperanto more. Maybe there’s a local club or something I could track down and spend some time with? I haven’t looked into it yet.

Yesterday was not as productive as I had hoped it would be, but I at least got one load of work clothes washed. Even though I didn’t get any writing done, I will take the small victories as they come.

I’m going to go to bed now. I’m not exhausted but I am tired. So it’s to bed for this Theo.

Take your meds, folks!

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