Of Glitches and Grapes

14,003 Days Alive

2.5 Hours Thumb Twiddling Due to Technical Difficulties

Man was today frustrating. I’m so glad it’s not Friday because I would have been so upset to end my work week with absolutely nothing done.

Okay, hyperbole: I did get some stuff done. But nowhere near as much as I wanted to. But tomorrow will be better! I’ll be in early and maybe get to stay a little late in order to make up all my time. I got sent home early since I couldn’t do anything with my computer.

After I got out early, I went to pick up my medicine from the pharmacy. While I shopped for salad for dinner, I picked up some apples and fresh grapes for lunch.

I am greatly looking forward to next paycheck, my first paycheck from the Law Firm, next Friday. Bills to be paid, therapy to have, etc.

I hope tomorrow is super productive. Maybe I’ll even get some writing done after work!

Speaking of productive, I finished the first skein of yarn on Papa Ben’s blanket today! I’ve got two more of that color, but it was nice to have achieved that goal.

Anyway, I’m going to appease the Duolingo owl and practice my Esperanto before bed. Bonan nokton!

And take your meds, folks!

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