Of Comics and Conventions

14,034 Days Alive

5,000 Art Prints Loaded Up

4,000 Manga Books Loaded

1 Well-Packed Cargo Van

Well, I survived Central Florida Comic-Con today with J. We helped Uncle Comic with the booth for the majority of the day.

We did get a chance to see the rest of the dealer’s room/exhibition hall. It was a small convention, but had some really cool stuff.

I spent some of my birthday money from Linna on some special soap. I have such and obsession with different handmade soaps. I got a “character “ built by the ladies/people running the table. You pick three soaps and one is your class, another your D&D race, and the last your alignment. I got Dragonborn true neutral rogue. Her name is Acillia.

Packing up was a nearly four hour adventure in manual labor. I’m sorry enough that I’m sleeping with my feet elevated to try and get the slight swelling to go down. Maybe next time I’ll wear compression socks.

Anyway, I just hydrated and at one of my peanut butter cookies. And now I’m for bed.

Take your meds, folks!

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