Of Solstice and Sleepiness

14,042 Days Alive

5 Days until 1,000 Days Straight on PostmarkWonderland

4 Rounds to Go on Papa Ben’s Blanket

I picked up my crocheting for the first time in a few weeks. I’ve been so focused on writing I let other projects fall by the wayside.

I’m less than four rounds from finished with Pap Ben’s blanket. Well, three rounds plus a border of some kind. Likely a rope stitch or reversed half double crochet or something like that.

After Papa Ben’s blanket is done, I need to work on Pop Tom’s. It’s the solstice today which means winter is coming! And I want to have his blanket finished by Thanksgiving. I’ll be mailing Papa Ben’s as soon as it’s completed. Same with the yet to be started Pop Tom’s. Then I have a blanket for Aunt and Uncle Gator that I have the yarn for but haven’t started. And Chelé’s cloud blanket. And my velvet cloak and scrapghan. And Grandma Gator’s 80th birthday blanket. Oy.

I didn’t do any writing today, but I did give Izzy at work a breakdown on curries! I sent her recipes for my favorite butter chicken, green coconut curry, and Thai Panang curries. Mmmm—mm!

I’m hoping I have enough spare funds to make a nice dinner for Fen and I on my birthday. If not, frozen pizza and a salad works.

I didn’t get a chance to use my new birthday toy from Reffie yet. I was too busy watching Kitchen Nightmares and crocheting.

I’ve had low grade headaches for the past three days. Not bad enough to take something for it, be definitely annoying. I am hydrated and as well-slept as I get.

I have a new brain gremlin. This one looks like what happens to a gremlin when they get wet. Just… unpleasant. It reminds me that people will get what I write, am not any good, and that I can be “eye-bleeding” levels of bad. I try to throw it in my mental oubliette; but it crops up every time I try to write.

I’m working on it.

It’s still light out. Not surprising, with it being the longest day today. I’m still crawling into bed as soon as I appease the Duolingo owl.

May your blessings be great, your troubles few, and laughter a frequent companion on this Solstice Night.

Take your meds, folks.

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